Beach House Cleaning

If you own a vacation home or beach house that you rent out during the summer months, you may need house cleaning services in-between renters.  You cannot always trust that the previous renters will clean up before they vacate the property, or if they do clean up that it will be to your standards.  Having to refund rental fees to tenants because the home wasn’t clean is something you don’t want to do.  It eats into the rental property’s profits and makes the visit unpleasant for the renters using the home for their vacation.  You want your renters to be happy with their visit (so they come back again next year!) and you need to make a profit on your rental home to make it worth your while.  Knowing this, you should hire a company who understands how important it is to get the home clean during that brief transition time between tenants.  You need a cleaning service with a proven track record of high-quality, consistent and dependable service.  This is not the time to take chances with an independent cleaner off Craigslist or some fly-by-night company found on Groupon or some other deal site.


New England Pro-Maids understands the unique needs of turn-cleaning vacation homes.   We have been cleaning vacation homes and beach houses for almost 20 years!


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